A sticker is an object that can be attached to any flat dry surface such as books, wooden boards, metal, and glass. Stickers can be printed on the nearest sticker printing in your area. As you and I already know, stickers are a multifunctional tool, especially in terms of promotional media. However, it is not uncommon for their ineffective use to make stickers lose their optimal potential. Such as colors that should be more combined and matched, darker or brighter colors, design selection, shapes, and sizes. These things should be highly optimized to support each other to produce a sticker that stands out from others. 

Therefore, if you want to make stickers well, and can optimize their function as a promotional media, then you must improve how stickers are made and how would it convey the message well to your prospective customers. this will benefit you in the long run especially if you are running a business and you want to save some money on advertising. The following are tips for you to level up your stickers to stand out from other stickers. 

What Makes You Unique 

This is considered very important to be the first thing you have to think about and you decide on. Why? Because to be able to win in the competition, then you must have your own characteristics that make you different, unique and stand out. This term is the difference that is good and will benefit you. For example, if you want to do business and compete in the fashion industry, then look for a signature color and shape that differentiates you from other competitors. These differences can be in your fashion theme, color, concept, price, target market, and others. You need to do market research first in order to get a bigger picture of the business you want to be in and what kind of design they use, to avoid commonalities and plagiarism in the future. After getting your uniqueness and competitive advantage, now you can put it in the form of your signature design sticker. 

Do Online And Offline Marketing 

In today’s digital era, it feels like you have to have an online and offline platform. You can open a marketplace and create your own website at a very affordable price today. Besides, it’s also quite easy to learn how to make a good website because the resources are all over the place. 

Having two online and offline platforms will expand your network and engagement with your customers. The steps you can take after you get the finished logo and sticker are to start advertising and marketing your product with the sticker logo that has been created. You can attach it to the packaging, price tag, thank you card, and voucher code for your next customer’s purchase. This will make your customers feel special and of course, they will come back to you after the product they are using runs out. 

So? Easy right? Make sure you do it gradually and not in a hurry because good things take time. Good luck!