As a retailer with some years of experience in the area of sales of beauty products for ladies; I considered that I did not need to implement the use of a website. The truth was that I was doing quite well until about two years ago; when the drop in sales led me to recognize the current importance of social networks in favor of a business.

The truth was that I had no idea what I had to do to get into this world. Thanks to the mini-consulting of a colleague I learned about Mandreel, an agency dedicated to branding, creative design, and digital marketing, with a wide experience in the area.

When I contacted them through their email everything flowed incredibly well and although I only managed to tell them that I needed a website for my small sales business; the help I received from that amazing team from the beginning was simply incredible.

The experience

During the first appointment, I realized how misinformed I was about my own business; and that in some ways I had no idea what I could include on that page that I then began to see so far away. However, the team at helped me to clear my head; putting everything on one page in order of priority.

It only took a few hours for the whole structure of that website project to be defined precisely. Thanks to the interest shown by the people who gave me their advice and to this attentive way of listening to me; we were able to establish the elements that would be integrated into the page, including the target, the emblematic products, possible contents and advertising strategies.

As soon as the needs were established for the creation of my small company’s website, everything started to work.

The design of a website with the designers of

The process obviously took some time; but I always maintained direct communication with the graphic designer leading my project. What satisfied me most, apart from the obvious professionalism, was the respect that was imposed on any creative inspiration at the last minute. Every new proposal or idea was always consulted with me, even though it was totally in line with what had already been discussed.

At they are extremely aware of the power of digital marketing; and the importance of providing a site that has the right elements to capture not only the interest of the clients but also all their trust.

For this reason, they take into account an infinite number of details related to the general characteristics of this website and in short. Every effort will be made to develop a web design that is receptive to the public; attractive and intuitive through which users cannot only learn about the identity of the company, but also be encouraged to try out its products.

The experience I had with Mandreel was totally positive. I managed to get my website in the agreed time, I could see the real interest and commitment of all its professionals; and I could see that for mandreel the most important thing is to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Although I have only been working with my website for a short time, I feel really pleased with the opportunity it has given me to interact with customers; find out their opinions about my products and be able to offer them more immediate solutions, especially when it comes to ordering. is a site of professionals who really deliver.