Mailing activity is inevitable for most businesses. And with correspondence, it will be best to use custom printed letterheads and envelopes to complete the look of the mail your company sends. It is very beneficial for your company in various ways even though it sounds minor.

For letterhead printing and envelope printing, you can outsource the service of a printing company and order in bulk quantity. It is better than trying to print it on your own to avoid mistakes. By using a printing service, you can even get a higher-quality letterhead and envelopes as they have the latest technology and equipment to produce them.

In this article below, you can find a number of benefits you can gain from custom letterhead and envelope.

1. Brand awareness

Letterhead and envelope can benefit you this way since your logo and company name will be printed on them. It is a really good marketing tool, especially if used with other products cohesively. It heightens the chance of your company logo, name, corporate colors, and contact information to be noticed by the receiver. The more you send out mails, the more you can build brand recognition of your company. By having your contact information attached, it will also be easier for people to contact your company at times needed.

2. Professional image

By having a custom printed letterhead and envelope, you can give off the image of professionalism and build a sense of credibility. Your company will be seen as more trustworthy to prospective clients or other business associates, especially if they are unsure of the reputation of your company or business. If you let them know the contact and website of your company, they can even access it to find more information about you and be more assured of whom they are working with.

3. Legality

By having the custom letterhead on top of your letter paper, you will increase the legality of your document and add more weight to what’s written. It can even be beneficial for other legal purposes such as court proceedings and others. It ensures that the document is official and not to be deemed junk. It will be also a little tricky to copy, so it can assure the originality of it.

4. Stand out among the crowd

A letterhead and a custom envelope can make a difference between you and your competitors. If your prospects or business partners receive two letters from you and your rivaling company, they can distinguish the two especially if your competitor overlooks the importance of a personalized envelope and letterhead and only send out a plain and uninteresting correspondence. Your document will have a higher chance to be read, and you will be ahead of them. After getting their attention with the envelope, your letterhead will create a good impression on them as well. This may open chances for you and benefit you in the long run by helping you maintain a good relationship between your company and your beneficial affiliations.