About Us

Detectorx’s single focus point is to apply the cutting edge technology of the advanced era and eradicate the asymmetrical nature of the information that prevails in the corporate society between the employers and the employees. The main aim is to serve all the desiring individuals to overcome the barrier and get hired at the most suitable position that they apply for. The vision of Detectorx is to revolutionize the recruitment procedures in such a way that every desiring aspirant finds the right job and occupy the position of which they are capable within the corporate sector. The process also ensures that the friction and hassle to search and find the right job is reduced to the maximum possible reach. 

For achieving the objective, the technology team at Detectorx has integrated a complex mechanism which is relatively easy to use for the aspirants and the employers to provide the right position to the right person within the corporate world. With a varied pool of the job seekers and the hirers on the platform, the right information is adequately served to the right person that they find to be most suitable. All are determining factors in the form of skillset, location, desire, certification, and several other parameters are adequately critically verified before allocating a designation to a particular aspirant. We at Detectorx inspire individuals and employers to join the platform of recruitment for a noble cause that mutually benefits both in different ways. 

The main goal of Detectorx is simplified, easy, fast, and comprehensive that allows all members on the platform to join and find the right job according to their choice. The wide array of variety and job offerings served on the platform by the recruiters and the employers work uniquely regarding hiring and recruiting the most suitable person for a position in any of the firms throughout the corporate sector. 

Few points to note for Detectorx: 

The fee is minimized or served at no cost for joining the platform and searching the desired jobs that most of the people throughout the world find suitable and convenient. 

The results produced after the search is completely relative, relevant, and object-based as per the right servings after the form is filled that states the skill set of the individual. 

The rankings can be improved by the feed providers to fetch and grab a higher positioning job in the simplest form and manner, without any cost, and through several programs hoisted on our platform. 

The purpose stretches far more than simply connecting the employers with the job seekers. We provide a passion and inspirations that lead every individual to grab the right opportunity at the right time and create a sense of belief within. 

Meta Description 

With a vast variety of job listings and employers working to hire individuals, Detectorx has become the right platform and a brilliant choice that most of the people throughout the world look forward to. All jobs are equally treated, and people are served with fair and transparent means so that the end user is benefitted from all ends.