Other than choosing the right words, picking the appropriate fonts, and make a good layout or template for the design of your certificate, you also have to be able to decide on the perfect type of paper for certification printing. It is very important because the overall look of a certificate can be very different depending on the type of paper you choose for it.

Some of the considerations for the paper choice is the kind of look you want it to have as well as the size or magnitude of the award. For big occasions, of course, the quality of the certificate becomes much more important and it needs to appear elegant, suitable for the award.

So now, let’s learn about the different types of papers available for certification printing.

1. Parchment Paper

A parchment paper is a type of paper that is lightly tinted. It won’t interfere with the text on the paper as well as any graphics on it. You are of course free to design your certificate in any way possible using a parchment paper. There are several different types of parchment papers, such as Southworth Parchment Paper, Staedtler Calligraphy Parchment Paper, Neenah Astroparche Papers, and others. They come in different colors as well as sizes that you can consider for your certificate design.

2. Linen and Laid Paper

Linen paper is the type of paper that has the look and feel of linen fabric, as the name goes. This type of paper for certification printing has a somewhat embossed texture, only subtle, and it also has a crosshatch pattern that makes it resemble a fine linen table cloth. It looks and feels elegant as well as expensive. Not only for certificates, but a linen paper is also useful for personal stationery, business letterhead, or menus in restaurants.

Laid paper, on the other hand, resembles the hand crafted paper from years and years ago back when everything was still conventional. It has horizontal and vertical ribs referred to as chain lines. A laid paper is made using dandy roll or a wire cylinder that makes it possible for the pattern to be impressed onto the paper along with the watermark.

Aside from being perfect for certificates, laid paper is also good for letterheads, presentations, reports, and other formal purposes.

3. Granite Paper

A granite paper has no obvious texture, but it gives off a smoothe and elegant feel due to the dimension and strength resembling of a polished granite. A granite paper is really great for certification printing, as well as business correspondence or other formal purposes like letterheads, presentations, and others.

4. Laser Paper

This type of paper is manufactured to have a very smooth finish. A laser paper has a uniform fiber formation, thus this type of paper has a great toner adhesion that makes it possible to perform well if used by all laser printers as well as copier. Although it is quite uncommon for this type of paper to be used for certificate printing in Singapore, it doesn’t really mean that you can’t use it. For smaller occasions or awards, it might be a good choice to suppress the budget. However, you have ot o choose a good finish to reinforce its durability.