Poster stand is a good marketing alternative especially if you are going for a cost effective tool for indoor promotions.

Once you decide to use this marketing tool, then you’re most likely going to be faced with various poster stand options.

Let’s learn more about some of the most famous poster stand types that you can choose for your marketing campaign:

1. Retractable Poster Stand

Due to its high flexibility and convenience, the retractable poster stand is one of the most popular types of poster stands that you can choose. It can be adjusted to hold up to large sized posters or banners. With this type of poster stand, you can easily roll down the graphic into the base with its spring loaded mechanism. The pole should be extended first, then the bottom end goes to the base. Then, the top of the banner or poster is pulled up to reveal the graphic for display. Finally, you can attach it to the pole and make sure it is firm. As for the steps of taking it down, you simply just have to hold the top rail and detach it from the pole. The spring mechanism will pull the banner down from the base into the base.

2. Telescopic Poster Stand

Feeling like the retractable poster stand is not the right option for you? Needing a poster stand that can display much larger posters or banners? Then consider a telescopic poster stand.

This type of poster stand is a poster stand that has no base, so the poster for this stand can simply be unrolled and attached to the pole for display. With the tension created by this, the poster or banner will be able to be held in place securely.

3. Spring Back Poster Stand

The spring back poster stand is also known as X banner and this type of poster stand is definitely popular as well. It has no base, instead, a supporting frame with an X like shape that is similar to a tripod so that the poster attached to this poster stand can stand on its own.

The grommets in the corners of the banner or poster are secured to the frame of the poster stand to attach it and display it properly.

Some types of the spring back poster stand are very lightweight that makes it easy for transport, but they definitely don’t hold up well against the wind that makes them not very suitable for outdoor events. However, some frames of this type of poster stand are sturdier and heavier so it can be used outdoors as well.

Well, have you decided which one do you want to buy for your marketing purposes? Don’t worry, whichever your poster stand choice is, you can surely hold a successful marketing campaign. Just make sure that the design is great and the quality of the poster or banner is impeccable. And most importantly, try to find the best quality poster stand for whichever type that you choose so that it can last a long time.