For so many years, rubber stamp has been known as a very useful tool especially when it comes to working around the office. It is even more important if you are a business owner or a decision maker of a company, specifically for the purpose of correspondence. In business, sending out mails or letters are inevitable even in this technology driven era. To ensure the authenticity of the document you send toward your business relation, clients, and others, you should use a rubber stamp alongside the signature of the company director with it. However, a rubber stamp can also be used for more leisured purposes such as to group documents, organize them, or even for art and craft purposes.

After many years, there has been advancement in the technology of rubber stamp that allows us several more types of rubber stamp options.

Learn more about each of them to know which is the most appropriate for you.

1.Traditional Rubber Stamp

This is the most classic type of rubber stamp. It is one of the earliest types of rubber stamp that simply has the rubber part of the stamp that is carved with a certain design attached to a handle. Originally, a wooden type of handle is the one to go with this type. However, these days, some choose to use a plastic handle. There’s not much difference between the two, except the looks of it. You should consider depending on the kind of aesthetic that you want. The traditional rubber stamp requires a separate ink pad, thus making it less convenient compared to the more sophisticated types of rubber stamps.

2. Self inking stamp

A self inking stamp is the type of stamp that is pre loaded with ink. A self inking stamp has a built in ink pad that is to be filled with water based ink. This water based ink pad is capable of re inking itself after each made impression onto a surface. This type of stamp is easier to carry around compared to the traditional rubber stamp because you simply need to bring the stamp without a separate ink pad. It also leaves a sharper impression.

3. Pre inked Stamp

A pre inked stamp is another type of rubber stamp that is a result of technological advancement. A pre inked stamp is equipped with an ink reservoir behind the stamp. This means that you don’t have to bring a separate ink pad anymore. The type of oil used for this type of stamp is oil based ink, so make sure you always get it right for the stamp to work properly.

If you are required to move around a lot from places to places, then perhaps the self inking stamp or pre inked stamp will be more suitable for your because they are lightweight and they don’t necessarily need a separate ink pad. However, they tend to cost more than the traditional rubber stamp. If you don’t have to go around with your stamp, then you can definitely save up more money by choosing the traditional rubber stamp instead.